How much will shipping cost on my order?

We’re glad you asked! Just follow the instructions below to find out exactly how much your shipping will cost:

  • Head over to our website:
  • Select the gift(s) you’d like your loved one to receive and add it to cart (be sure to sign that gift note so they know it’s from you!).
  • Proceed through the checkout flow and select the shipping option and date that best fits your needs. This step becomes available after you’ve entered your shipping details.
  • If you change your mind at any point during checkout, click that Man Crates logo in the upper left corner to return to our site, you’ll be able to access your cart to add or remove items as needed.

As always, if you’re having troubles with that delivery or anything with your order is less than perfect, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 1-866-902-7260.

Our top priority is to make sure your awesome gift arrives on time and in great shape!!

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