How should I enter my initials on personalized items?

The nitty gritty on initial placement

 You’re looking to order one of our whiskey decanters but aren’t entirely clear on the order those three initials are going to show up in. We’ve got you covered, it can be a bit confusing.

The order in which we ask you to fill those letters in with holds the key, the left field (First Name) holds the Left position, the center field (Last Name) holds the Center position, and the right field (Middle Name) holds the Right position.

Traditionally, decanters are etched with that LAST name hanging out, front and center (and printed slightly larger than the first and middle initials); your last name is your family’s legacy, and we think your family is a pretty big deal.

The decanter pictured below is etched for our buddy Joaquin Andy Hammertime, note that his last name is the larger, center initial:



Keep this tip in mind when you’re filling in these etching details. If you’d like to your loved ones initials to appear in another order, stick to this guideline and place those letters carefully when inputting, and you won’t go astray.

As always, our High Five Guarantee is here for you. If you’re not thrilled with the gift, don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re happy to make it right!

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