How much does shipping cost? What are my shipping options?

So, you’re thinking about sending a completely awesome, one of a kind gift to a loved one (or to yourself, it’s cool, we don’t judge and can’t say we haven’t done it ourselves), but you’re anxious about that shipping cost, and want to know when it will arrive. Look no further. For instructions on how to view your exact shipping costs, please scroll down to the next section.

We ship our packages depending on where your order is shipping to, the shipping services we offer and the estimated costs associated are listed below. Please keep in mind that there are many factors that can affect shipping prices: overall shipment weight & dimension, shipment origin, destination, and speed of service selected:

** ALL Transit times range between 1 to 5 business days and delivery dates are determined by location of warehouse, location of destination, and courier volumes.**


FedEx Ground/Ground Home

- Domestic shipments (Monday-Friday Delivery)

- Price range estimate: $15-$28*

- If shipping to a business your order usually arrives within regular business hours, but can be as late as 8pm**

- If shipping to a business the business name must be included with address details during checkout in order for delivery to be completed without delay


FedEx Express

- Two Day Express (Mon-Fri only) Price range estimate: $25-$35*

- Standard Overnight (Mon-Fri only) Price range estimate: $30-$40*


GSO (Golden State Overnight)

- Domestic shipments. Only available in GSO service states on the West Coast.

- Price range estimate: $9-$15*



- Domestic shipments. Only available in CDL service states on the East Coast.

- Price range estimate: $9-$15*



- Available for APO/FPO/DPO shipments (Military discount available!)

- Price range estimate: $15-$30*we 


For Canadian recipients only - FedEx Int’l Economy & FedEx Int’l Priority:

FedEx Express - Int’l Economy

- Delivery within 3-5 business days - Customs clearance delays could impact delivery date

- Price estimate: $40-$100

FedEx Express - Int’l Priority

- Delivery within 1-2 business days - Customs clearance delays could impact delivery date

- Price estimate: $70-$200


*Please keep in mind that these are estimates and actual costs will vary depending on the size and weight of your order and the location we're shipping to. For exact cost, follow the instructions below.


But how do I figure out what my EXACT shipping costs will be?

We’re glad you asked! Just follow the instructions below:

  • Head over to our website:
  • Select the gift(s) you’d like your loved one to receive and add it to cart (be sure to sign that gift note so they know it’s from you!).
  • Proceed through the checkout flow and select the shipping option and date that best fits your needs. This step becomes available after you’ve entered your shipping details.
  • If you change your mind at any point during checkout, click that Man Crates logo in the upper left corner to return to our site, you’ll be able to access your cart to add or remove items as needed.

As always, if you’re having troubles with that delivery or anything with your order is less than perfect, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 1-866-902-7260. Our top priority is to make sure your gift arrives on time and in great shape!

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