Why is the cost of shipping so high? Why no free shipping?

Hopefully this will clear some confusion up regarding our shipping costs.

We have looked into shipping our merchandise with alternate carriers and have found that some of those options are both more expensive and in the some cases can take almost twice the time for delivery. We've employed a wide variety of shippers to offer you the cheapest and fastest method available to us.

We ship from our warehouses in California and Maryland, and delivery can take up to 5 business days for our slowest method depending on how close you are to our warehouse. Unlike large retail websites that have warehouses in many states, we are unfortunately limited to two.

The big sites that offer free shipping usually ship from a warehouse site much closer to the package's destination and deal with a much higher quantity of packages shipped, and some even charge a yearly membership fee as well as bump up the cost of their items to cover the shipping that they're giving to you for "free". Instead of charging you fees or hiking up the cost of our crates we just charge you what our shipper charges us to deliver the package.

Another reason for the shipping cost is that most of our crates are 11 inches by 11 inches by 11 inches and weigh an average of 10lbs. Moving a package that size and shape does cost a bit extra as well (this is the case with any shipping option). We've even got some ammo cans that tip the scale at 15lbs (you could bulk up by lifting them). If you look up rates for shipping a package of that size and dimension that distance on any shipping provider's website I think you will find that our shipping costs are competitive and reasonable.

In the cases of AK and HI your package needs to go 2 day express, because shipping by ground is actually more expensive and would take five times longer.

Shipping to Canada includes taxes, tariffs and fees assessed by Canada for the import of goods from America, as well as the charge for shipping itself.

Hopefully this has helped, if not, give our Customer Champions a shout out by calling 866-902-7260 and we'll be happy to help!


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