How Do I Place an APO, FPO or DPO Order?

Yikes, there's a lot of info on this page, and this can be an awfully lengthy process. Call us at 866-902-7260 and let us place the order for you. We've done this 100s of times and we'll help you out without you having to do all this annoying reading.

If you're more of a do-it-yourselfer, read on!

We know that entering APO, FPO or DPO addresses on our site can be tricky. Here’s a photo guide to help you out (for detailed instructions please read on after the photo)


While shipping to our deployed servicemen and women overseas can be an incredibly fulfilling experience, struggling to get that bizarre looking address entered in correctly really isn’t. We’re here to help make placing those APO, FPO or DPO orders the breeze it should be so you can both enjoy!

  • First, head here to utilize our Military Discount, our way of saying Thank You for your (and their) service: Anything that goes into your cart after this step will see those savings applied.
  • Once you’ve selected the perfect item(s) from our website, begin by adding it to your shopping cart. 


When your cart is as full as you’d like it to be, and those gift notes are filled in (remember to sign your name so the lucky recipient knows who to shower with praise for sending this awesome gift their way), it’s time to hit the orange Proceed to Checkout button.

  • You should now be at Account Details on the Checkout screen. Go ahead and hit that green button labeled: Continue as Guest.
  • Now it's time for the Billing Address. Begin by entering your email address (this is where we’ll be sending your order confirmation and shipping confirmation emails). Then, go ahead and provide billing details. When ready, hit that orange button labeled NEXT.
  • We’re now on the highly anticipated Shipping Address step. It’s time to enter the recipient’s name and address details. Please use the information below as your guide as to where to enter the address information properly:

First Name: “Col. John”

Last Name: “Doe”

Company Name: [Enter Company or Unit Name here] (Optional)

Phone Number: [Enter your own phone number here]

Address Line 1: Unit # or Address Identifier [Enter the ID you’ve got]

Address Line 2: [If there’s a box number or any other address info, it would go here, use the abbreviation Bx# for Box Number]

Suburb/City: “APO”, “FPO”, or "DPO"

Country: “United States” [All APO, FPO or DPOs are technically in the US]

State/Province: “Armed Forces AA, AE, or AP" [Select the one appropriate state from the dropdown]

AA = Armed Forces Americas (except Canada)

AE = Armed Forces Europe, Armed Forces Canada, Armed Forces Middle East, and Armed Forces Africa (this abbreviation does indeed go to all of these places)

AP = Armed Forces Pacific

Zip/Postcode: [5 digit zip is required. If you're entering an FPO address, include the extra 4 digits after the dash in the zip code as well]

Once the shipping address is completed, hit that orange NEXT button to proceed.

If you receive a Please Review alert, there may be something wrong with your address. Triple check all the details are correct and entered in the appropriate fields, then select the orange button to Confirm Address.

  • We’re now at the part where you select your Arrival Date. Notice the banner letting you know that these shipments can take a bit of extra time to arrive, typically 10-15 days via USPS. Select that orange NEXT button to review your order details.
  • Welcome to the confirmation screen. Here, you’ll see the item(s) you’ve chosen, your gift note message(s), and the pricing details. If all looks well, click the Proceed to Payment button.
  • And now, Payment. Here, you’ll enter your credit card details before finally selecting Pay For Order. Once complete, you’ll be taken to our order confirmation screen, keep an eye on your email inbox for our order confirmation email heading your way.
  • Please hang onto that order confirmation email just in case you find yourself in need of support down the road. We’ll use that order number to help!

Congratulations on successfully placing an order to one of the trickiest shipping addresses around. You did great, and that lucky recipient is going to be delighted in just a couple of weeks.

Lastly, thanks so much for your service (because being the loved one of a service member is an invaluable service in and of itself, they couldn’t do what they do without your endless love and support), and we could do what we do either. We salute you!

If it’s still giving you trouble, give us a call at (866) 902-7260! We’d love to help you get that order placed.