Hey guys, the item I want is sold out (out of stock) on the website, what gives?

Hi there, what a bummer! It's always a tough blow when the perfect gift is showing as sold out on our website.

Firstly, we recommend signing up to receive an email notification when the item comes back in. You can do this by entering your email in the field provided on the sold-out product's page. Don't see an email field? Let us know by clicking the link below.

Now, you've got a couple of options depending on how quickly you need your gift.

If you've got some time, we would recommend waiting it out, typically when an item is sold out it comes back within a couple of weeks.

During our busy periods like the holidays, Valentine's Day, and Father's Day, out of stock items can take a bit longer to return.

If the occasion you're buying for is coming up within the next few days I would recommend considering going with a different gift this time, just so you're not left empty-handed on the big day!

If you'd like more help finding a substitute gift or want further info, send an email to our team of Customer Champions by clicking here.