I need help setting up and editing reminders!

Man Crates offers a way to set up email occasion reminders so that you'll never be caught at the last minute without an awesome gift for that special occasion.

You can set up as many as you want, and even create custom occasions so that you'll never forget to celebrate the day your friend took you to that Battle of the 80s Metal Bands show where you caught that one performer's guitar pick and ended up backstage. When we say ANY occasion, we really do mean it. And we don't just send a reminder, we'll also send a coupon attached to that reminder good for 10% off your special occasion purchase so that we can join in the festivities.

There are a couple of ways you can set up occasion reminders, while you're checking out on our site, or if you'd like to set up some reminders before you purchase a gift on our site you can set them up via your account page. We made the process of setting reminders as easy as pie, but just in case you've always burned pie when trying to bake, we'll walk you through it here. We'll start with setting up a reminder while you're checking out.

If you'd like to jump right to setting up or editing reminders from your account page, scroll past the checkout setup instructions further down this page.

Setting up reminders during checkout:

Go ahead and complete your order on our website, but when you've reached a screen that looks like the one pictured below begin to follow these instructions:

Click on the "Schedule Reminders" button, it's the one that all the arrows are pointing to in the screenshot below:

Checkout reminder 1.png



Once you've clicked you'll be whisked away to a screen where you'll be asked to select whom this reminder is for.

If you want to set up multiple reminders, don't worry, you'll be able to set up as many as you'd like here and, in your account, later, you just must set up each reminder separately:

chose your person.png

Once you've picked the person this reminder is for, go ahead and enter the requested information, the screens will look similar to the ones below:

enter name.png

Enter name 2.png

After you've entered all of the requested info, you'll be taken to a review and save screen where you can edit the occasions you'd like to receive email reminders for and you can add your own occasion by clicking the "add other occasion" button at the bottom of the list. Once you have all your preferences lined up, go ahead and click the "confirm and save" button. When you're done you can click "add another guy" to add another reminder, or you can click "I'm done adding reminders" to complete your reminder set up:


You are good.png


Start by clicking the login button at the top of any mancrates.com page:

log in.png

Go ahead and enter your login email and password and click login. If you're having trouble logging in click here for an article that will help!

Once you've logged in click on the Account button at the top of the page:

account button.png

Then, click the Gift Reminders tab on the accounts page:

reminders tab.png

If you have an existing reminder or reminders associated with your account, they'll appear here, you can edit any existing reminders' details by clicking "edit occasions" or you can delete existing reminders by clicking the "remove" button. If you don't see any reminders in your account and would like to add them, you can by clicking the "schedule new reminders" button:

account reminder.png

Boom, you're done! You can set it and forget it, we'll make sure you never miss a special date ever again!

As always, our awesome team of Customer Champions is standing by to answer any questions you may have, call us at (866) 902-7260