I received a gift card, what do I do with it?

Welcome, and look no further! Here lies the answer to what we know is your most burning question: What the heck do I do with this thing anyways?

What you'll need to complete this space-age digital redemption online:

  • Your recently liberated gift card (complete with case sensitive code on back)
  • Your email address (this is where we'll email your gift card details for the specific retailer you select)

At any point during the process below, should you wish to move back to the previous screen, hit the back arrow in the upper left corner of the Retailers page. Your selection is not complete until you've submitted your email address.

  • Take that card and find a url and your unique, case sensitive, redemption code.
  • Click this link and we'll open the redemption page in a new tab (or you can type the address into your web browser): mancrates.com/redeem
  • After you've clicked above you'll be taken to a screen that reads: "You've Hit Paydirt!" In the field provided enter the eight-digit code on the back of your card in the field provided. The codes are CASE SENSITIVE so please triple check the code is entered in exactly as it appears on the card, be sure to use all uppercase and lowercase letters as shown on the card.
  • Click the checkbox net to "I'm not a robot" to confirm that you are not a robot (because you're so much more to us)!
  • Click GO
  •  You should now be on our Smash and Grab retailers page. Scroll down to see all the available retailers to choose from. Take note of the dollar denomination of your redemption, this is the dollar amount your code will be worth!
  • You can click on the DETAILS button after you point at a particular retailer with your mouse, which will take you to more information about that particular retailer.
  • Click the SELECT button if this is where you'd like to redeem your code for.
  •  You're now asked to enter, and re-enter, the email address you'd like the digital gift card for this retailer sent to. Triple check both emails you've entered before submitting, this detail cannot be changed later.
  • Once you've submitted your selection, you'll be taken to a screen asking if you'd like to go ahead and spend it now. At this time, an email with this information should have just been sent to the address you entered. When that arrives in your inbox, you'll be given a link to the same information just in case you don't want to spend your gift card right now.
  • Once you’ve picked the lucky store, we’ll shoot your gift card over via email, and you can start shopping, deciding whether you can wait any longer to go spend that chunk of change, or if it's burned a big enough hole in your pocket is upon you (we hope you chose somewhere that sells new pants if you're planning on waiting)! Either way, we'll never judge and you now have all the info you need in your email inbox to shop now, or later.

Hang onto that case sensitive card code in a safe place and make a note of the email address used to redeem just in case you find yourself in need of our help in the future; we'll need both of those details to locate your redemption in our system.

If any part of this process is confusing, call us at (866) 902-7260