Whisky / Whiskey is spelled "Whiskey" / "Whisky" on my decanter!

Welcome to Thunderdome. This is one of the most hotly contested issues at Man Crates HQ. 

There is great debate over the spelling of Whiskey/Whisky. Whisky is the true traditional spelling of the word that we now know in America mostly as Whiskey.

There are a few deciding factors that guide us on how to spell the word in certain circumstances. The main determining factor being the drink's country of origin. As you may have seen, we engrave all our decanters spelled "Whiskey". We assume the decanters will be mostly used for American Whiskey. Some of our items are more intended for Scotch Whisky and the folks in Scotland spell "Whisky" without the "e". The "Whiskey" spelling is an American spelling of the word that's used for spirits distilled in the USA.

In the end, BOTH spellings are technically correct. and Whiskey/Whisky is delicious no matter how you spell it.

Hopefully, that helps provide some insight on why we do what we do with Whisky er... Whiskey. In the end, both spellings taste just as delicious!

Just for fun, the pages below explain the different spellings of the word in a bit more detail.



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