What sizes are your crates and ammo cans? How big are they?

Our crates come in many sizes. Enough to make your head not just spin but cube!

Most of our crates are 9"x9"x9", some come in 11"x11"x11" crates, while others come in a 10"x24"x6" rectangular crate, we also have some products that come in fun sized mini crates that measure 7"x7"x7", other crates break the mold and are delivered in crates that measure 9"x14"x6".

Last but not least, our Ammo Cans (which do not come in a crate) measure 10.25"x7"x4".

Most of our items weigh under 12 lbs but we do have a few that weigh well over 20lbs.

We may even have a few items that won't fall under the sizes above. Please contact us if you have specific size or weight concerns by clicking here, and may the crate be with you.