Will my order come in a crate, ammo can or box? How will my order be packaged when it ships?


Here are some tips to help you figure that out!

While we love sealing awesome gifts inside wooden crates, we understand that not every recipient appreciates the sweat and struggle that can go into liberating them, and we want to keep things fresh for folks that have received a crate before. That’s why we’ve added a variety of items to our offerings that ship out in other containers. Your gift could arrive in one of a few forms depending which item you order, and if you’d like that gift wrapped you can goose to have to sealed snuggly inside of in our Diabolical Duct Tape Cocoon.

If you’re in the market for our namesake crates, keep an eye out for anything on our site that has “Crate” in the item's name. We’ve included a visual on each product description page as well as just inside your Shopping Cart, letting you know this item is one that comes delivered in a crate, and comes with one of our Man Crates crowbars:

How It Ships (crate).png

If you’re on the lookout for gifts arriving inside those virtually indestructible .30cal Ammo Cans, keep an eye out for anything on our site featuring “Ammo Can” in its title:

How It Ships (ammo can).png

If our DIY Kits, Jerkygrams, and gift card products are more your speed, these will come sealed inside good old fashioned cardboard shipping cartons:

How It Ships (kit).png

How It Ships (jerkygram).png

To fast-track yourself to a place where you are only perusing items shipping in one particular container, head over to our website by CLICKING HERE and use the “More Filters” option to view filter the items shown on our site by the packaging type you're looking for.


How It Ships (filters).png


Last, but certainly not least, Diabolical Duct Tape Cocoon can be added onto almost any of your items once the item is placed in your Shopping Cart. Whatever gift you’ve selected is boxed prior to said cocooning, then sealed inside a shipping carton. The duct taped layer is prepared to be the most difficult gift wrap your lucky recipient has likely had the pleasure of unravelling.

As always, our team of awesome customer champions is standing by and ready to answer any questions you may have. Call us at (866)902-7260