Will my order arrive in time for delivery on the date I need it?

We typically ship any order placed on our site within 1-2 business days of receiving the order (if you don't specify your delivery date during checkout).

While you're checking out we'll show you our available shipping choices along with a cost and promised delivery date for arrival. Be sure to note the delivery date shown and select the method that arrives on the date you'd like.

In some cases, the date you want is further out than the options you'll see, don't worry if you don't see the date you want, you can pick your delivery date as well! If you want your order to arrive on a specific date, check out our article on how to pick your delivery date by clicking here.

Typically, our shipping costs are between $9 and $50 depending on the method you select. For more info on shipping methods and costs click here.

A few important tips for having your order delivered on time:

  • Order well before your order is needed, the shipping window closes rapidly. We advise ordering as soon as possible to avoid sold-out items and expensive shipping charges!
  • Order as early as possible (Are you sensing the theme here? Order early!) and pick your delivery date. The closer we get to your special day and the quicker the shipping, the higher the chances of shipping costing much more. The best way to avoid higher shipping charges is to order early!
  • Personalized items require an additional day or two to process. We hand etch every awesome personalized item from our site, so they do take some extra time, unfortunately there's no way for us to rush those orders, so order your personalized items ASAP! We recommend ordering personalized items with a minimum of 4 business days to spare in order to have them arrive before the big day. 
  • Be sure to use the correct shipping address, complete with suite or apartment number if applicable, an incorrect or incomplete address will always delay delivery.

If you need more info that wasn't covered here, our team of amazing Customer Champions is standing by to help! Call us at (866) 902-7260 with any questions or concerns or send us an email by clicking the link below.