Help! I've gotten one of your DIY kits and need the instructions, or I'm just curious about a kit I'm looking at online, do you have a copy of the included instructions?

Yes indeedy, we've got instruction manuals for days. Scratch that itch by clicking the PDF download link for the manual you need below.

Not seeing what you want? Give our crack-team of DIY experts a call at 866-902-7260 and we'll work our tails off to make sure you've got all the info you need to get 'er done.


Ammo Can Speaker Kit

Baconology Kit

Chef's Knife Making Kit

Dutch Oven

Folding Knife Making Kit

Gin-Fusion Kit

Home Brewed (5g)

Hot Sauce Making Kit

Knife Making Kit

Micro Brewed (1g)

Pipe Carving Kit

Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming Kit

Straight Edge Shaving Kit

Troutdoorsman Recipes 

Belt Making Kit

Scrimshaw Knife Kit

Sausage Making Kit

Lure Making Kit

Coffee Roasting Kit

Duck Call Making Kit

Expert Bowie Knife Kit

Expert Hunter Knife Kit

Fajita Kit Cookbook

Leather Bag Making Kit

Paella Kit Cookbook

Watch Making Kit

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