What are my shipping options, how fast can you get my order delivered?

FedEx Ground shipping should get the job done in most cases, typically getting packages where they need to go within a few days. It usually runs $10 to $15, depending on the weight and destination.

If Ground doesn’t cut it for your situation, we totally understand. Here are some other options that might fit the bill:

FedEx Express Saver will get it there in 3 business days or fewer.

FedEx 2 Day Shipping takes an unsurprising two business days.

FedEx Overnight can usually get your package there the next day if you order before noon PST.

In certain locations we also offer GSO, which provides inexpensive overnight delivery!

As always, make sure to scope out the Delivery Date Calendar on the checkout page to determine (and select!) exactly when your package will arrive. If you'd like your order delivered after the date displayed, click the late If you just can't wait till checkout to see when your order will be delivered, give us a call and we'll help you out! 866-902-7260

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